All Space Coast Dustless Blasting


Dustless Blasting can remove any coating from any material with maximum efficiency and minimum dust.

Industrial Blasting

Dustless Blasting is an excellent solution for blasting within refineries, chemical plants and even on live pipelines. The water in the Dustless Blasting system suppresses dust, sparks and static electricity, making it far safer than traditional dry blasting. The ability to get surface preparation done quickly and efficiently without having to shut down plant operations is invaluable. With the Dustless Blasting system, we can remove paint, primer and most other coatings, while also removing rust, grease, and any other contaminants that are present, in one step. The rust inhibitor removes all chlorides creating a paint ready surface and preventing flash rust for up to 72 hours.

Fleet Vehicle Stripping

Keeping fleet tractor-trailers up to date with fresh paint jobs and decals can be a time consuming and expensive process. Chemical stripping is messy and caustic, sanding is labor intensive and inefficient. Also sand blasting can easily warp the sheet metal panels. Dustless Blasting is the fastest, easiest, cleanest way to strip paint from aluminum trailers.

Pavement Stripe Removal

Dustless Blasting is the perfect tool for removing pavement striping. The Dustless process removes paint or thermoplastic completely, leaving no trace behind. Unlike traditional sand blasting or grinding, this process does not damage the concrete or blacktop.


Commercial Paint Stripping in Action